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About Circle Verse


This business started by accident. It began with a dad in the basement trying to solve a problem. The dad was me and the problem was that we couldn't find unique, high-quality and eternally meaningful artwork for our children's bedrooms.


Unable to find what we wanted in stores or online, I went to my basement in search of materials. For this project, I found an unfinished lazy Susan, an empty cereal box and left-over interior paint. With a Bible verse in mind for each kid and a dim light bulb swinging from the basement ceiling, I went to work using these scraps. What emerged was a simple biblical truth, subtly illustrated with related imagery and glued to a painted circle of wood. I applied a coat of polyacrylic and hung that lazy Susan on the wall. It said, "Set your mind on things above" and it looked good. Problem solved.


There were three important surprises in that exercise. First, I was surprised how much I enjoyed the creative work. Second, I was surprised how much other people enjoyed the artwork. Third, and most importantly, I was surprised how impactful the Bible verse would become for my kids. That collection of remnants still hangs on the wall and we recite Colossians 3:2 as a family every night before the kids go to bed. The profound instruction in that simple verse is etched in their minds, and I hope it changes the trajectory of their lives forever.


It turns out adults need biblical reminders as well. Therefore, mostly as a hobby, I expanded beyond kid-centric images and began creating verses on circles for broader audiences. Elmer's glue, dull scissors and house paint later yielded to graphic design software as the creative medium. But the purpose remained the same – to drive home profound biblical truths through simple art. That's how Circle Verse was created, and why it exists today.


Some businesses begin when a budding entrepreneur hatches an innovative idea for a new product. That's great, but Circle Verse has a different origin and a different purpose. More than simply filling a wall or decorating a room, our artwork is designed to make a difference in lives forever. From our basement to your home or office, we hope you enjoy these products. And we hope they impact your life in profound ways.

-J.F. Duncan, Founder

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